October Board Meeting

Highlights from the October board meeting:

A Board member expressed concern about vehicles entering the Cluster at a speed that could put pedestrians at risk. He suggested that the Cluster install a speed bump at the entrance, since an existing one in front of 1607 Oak Spring Way is too far away to be helpful. Kathy Gately suggested that the Cluster solicit proposals for a new speed bump in the spring of 2014, when bids for seal coating and potential repair work will be requested.

A Board member suggested that Cluster residents might like the option of having natural gas available to homes. He volunteered to contact Washington Gas to see whether gas line/s near the Cluster entrance can be extended to the end of the Cluster.

A Board member pointed out that a Cluster Facebook exists and agreed to send a link to Board members.

The Board of Directors meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM. The next Board of Directors meeting will occur immediately after the Cluster’s Annual Meeting in January 2014 (date to be determined) at Forest Edge Elementary School in Reston.