Standards 2

Siding and doors:

The material for the siding may be either cedar wood or hardie-plank (“Select Cedarmill” finish), a fiber cement cement based wood alternative. Either way, it must be painted to follow one of below four cluster standard packages. (Hardie’s colors are not currently approved)

Approval from the board and Reston Association is needed before changing your siding / door color scheme. No two adjacent houses may be painted the same color.

All siding colors except #4 Olympic “Maximum” Solid Color stain. All door colors are Martin Senour Great Life, semi gloss. Note that homeowner that changes siding color also must change door color.

  1. 1.Olympic Oak Spring Green Gray    B: 1y+16, C: 3y+40, F: 9, Premium White Base
    Door: Martin Senour 325-1 Shutter green (old color code M1-4500)
  2. 2.Olympic Cape Cod Gray
    Door: Martin Senour 330-3 Colonial Blue (old color code M1-2048)
  3. 3.Olympic Beige Gray
    Door: Martin Senour Cinnamon Garden (old color code M1-4606);
    Base: Deep, Magenta: 1oz+13/32, Raw umber: 4oz+6/32, Red oxide: 2oz+11/32
  4. 4.Oak Spring Blue Gray B: 1y+28, C: 10, E: 2y+1, L: 2y+36. Duron Accent base 26-106 1 1
    Door: Martin Senour 329-1 Deep Spruce (old color code M1-4501)


The trim may be either wood or any PVC / composite material and shall be painted in McCormick101 Amber White.

Decks and Fences:

Decks and fences may be sealed either with clear sealant, semi transparent naturaltone or solid cedar.

Concrete sealant:

Concrete pathways and deck slabs may be sealed using Behr Solid Color Concrete Stain (Product #800) color Pacific Fog (815).

Cluster Entrance Sign:

The colors on the cluster entrance sign sign are McCormick 101 Amber White and Duron SW 6467 Kendal Green. Other colors are not yet identified.