Standards 1

So: How do I, an individual homeowner, find a standard or apply for a change to the Cluster design Standards?

In addition to the rules and regulations governed by Reston Association (RA), each cluster is responsible for maintaining it’s own design standards. This web site will present all Oak Spring specific design standards. The cluster board has the power to submit change requests to the standards to the RA Design Review Board, and thereby change or add to the design standards.

For any project that is not covered by the cluster standards, you need to submit an application to Reston Association Design Review Board. Please use this form: DRB Application.doc

The easiest way forward is to approach any member of the board and speak to them about your request. Alternatively, visit the next board meeting. The date for the meetings will be posted on the blog on this website, on the mailboxes in the neighborhood and on a sandwich board by the entrance to the cluster. You can also call the cluster covenants advisor at Reston Association.