Standards 3


Shingles: Certainteed Classic Horizon, color: Weathered wood.
Update 3/29/11: This shingle has been discontinued. The board is working on nominating and obtaining approval for a replacement product.

Gable vent:

Replacement gable vents for all end-units are allowed to be 32” x 32” octagonal, with the stipulation that they are painted according to cluster standard (amber white)



Light fixtures:

Pole light: Idaho Wood #279, 6’ tall.

Front light fixture: Idaho Wood #265

Rear light fixture: Westinghouse 66803

Deck lights:

Option 1: Low energy rope light to be installed on the inside of the deck railing. None of the rope light is to be visible from the reverse side of the railing.




Option 2: Deck pole lights of max 25W per fixture to be installed in such a manner that light is directed only downwards and inwards on the deck. They are not to be installed above the height of the railing and shall not be visible from the reverse side of the railing. A maximum of 6 such fixtures are permitted. The board encourages the selection of LED lights of around 3W per fixture.


Security Lights:
Security lights may be installed externally on the building, provided that:

  1. •The security light is equipped with a motion sensor
  2. •The security light is shielded
  3. •The security light is either White, Black or Amber white in color to closely match the background
  4. •The entire unit does not exceed 14x10x8 inches in size
  5. •The light emission does not pose a risk of becoming a nuisance to neighbors
  6. •Installation is done in accordance to Reston Association guidelines

Decks and fences:

Deck material may be either natural wood or GeoDeck (cedar color), a synthetic alternative, manufactured from plastic, recycled cellulose fibers and minerals.

Decks and fences may be sealed either with clear sealant or with semi transparent naturaltone cedar.

Changes to deck or porch design / construction will be reviewed by Reston Association Design Review Board on a case-by-case basis.

Storm doors:

Storm doors may be installed, either full-view or self-storing. The door must be painted white to match the trim (amber white).


Replacement windows should be ‘OKNA Insul-Tec 500 Deluxe Double Hung’, either with half or full screen or without screen. ( Color of the window frame should be either white or Amber white to match the house trim.

Garage doors:

Currently no cluster standard in place.

Under deck weather guard:

Currently no cluster standard in place. See Reston Association guidelines. These must be individually approved by RA DRB.

Gutters and downspouts:

Gutter dimension should be 5” and downspouts 2” x 3”. The color of downspouts should be either white or Amber White to match house trim color.